EKSU Proposed 1st Semester Academic Calendar 2017/2018

Below is the proposed 1st Semester Academic Calendar of Ekiti State University for 2017/2018 academic session;

.Monday,12th Oct,2017—Resumption of fresh

.Monday,12th Oct,2017—Registration Begins. .

.Wed,14th Oct,2017—Orientation Begins

.Friday,16th Oct,2017—Orientation ends

.Monday 19th Oct,2017—Resumption of returning

.Monday,19th Oct,2017.—lecture/Registration begin
for all students

.Friday,30th Oct,2017—Registration ends for all

.Monday,7th Dec,2017—Mid-semester tests begin

.Friday,11th Dec,2017—Mid -semester tests end

.Monday,21 Dec,2017—Christmas break begins

.Sunday,3rd Jan,2018—Christmas break ends

.Monday,4th Jan,2018—Reg wit penalty continues for all students

.Friday,15th Jan,2018—-Reg with penalty ends for all

.Monday,25th Jan,2018—Revisions begin

.Friday,29th Jan,2018—Revisions end

.Monday,1st Feb,2018—Examinations begin

.Friday,19th Feb, 2018—-Examinations end.

Registration/Orientation—–1 week
Lectures……… 14 weeks
Examination———-3 weeks
Total———————18 weeks