The Vice Chancellor has approved on behalf of the University Senate the resumption date for the commencement of 2017/2018 Academic Session as follows;

1.Return of students to hostels: Saturday,5th to Sunday,6th December,2017
2.Commencement of registration: Monday,7th December,2017
3.Commencement of lectures: Wednesday,9th December,2017
4.Orientation for new students: Friday,11th and Saturday,12th December,2017
5.Closure of registration for all fresh students: Wednesday,16th December,2017
6.New students matriculation: Thursday,17th December,2017
7.Break (end of the year): Saturday,19th December 2017 to Sunday,3rd January, 2018
8.Lectures resume: 4th January 2018.

IMPORTANT: New Students to take note that according to the requirement of the law there will be no registration after matriculation.

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