The official JAMB brochure for the Faculty of Social & Management Sciences shows the list of available courses and course requirement for courses in the Faculty of Social & Management Sciences.

At the end of any course from the Social & Management Sciences faculty, successful graduates will be presented with certificates bearing a title of either; B.Sc. (Hons), depending on the institution.

List of Courses in Faculty of Social & Management Sciences

» Accountancy/Finance/Accounting
» Accounting
» Accounting Management and Finance
» Actuarial Science
» Arabic and Islamic Religious Studies
» Banking and Finance (Mgt)
» Business Administration
» Business Administration/Marketing
» Business And Entrepreneurship Studies
» Business Enterprise Management
» Business Management/Management Science
» Communications
» Conflict And Conflict Studies
» Conflict And Peace Resolution
» Criminology
» Criminology and Penology
» Criminology And Security Studies
» Demography and Social Statistics
» Demography and Statistics
» Economics
» Economics and Development Studies
» Economics and Operative Research
» Economics and Statistics
» Entrepreneurial Studies
» Entrepreneurship
» Environmental Protection And Resources Management
» Film And Video Studies
» Finance
» Gender and Women Studies
» Geography
» Geography And Environmental Management
» Geography And Meteorology
» Geography and Planning Science
» Geography and Regional Planning
» Geography and Resources Management
» Government And Public Administration
» History And International Relations
» Home Economics
» Hospitality And Tourism
» Hotel And Tourism Management
» Human Resources Management
» Industrial And Labour Relations
» Industrial Relations
» Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
» Industrial Studies And Diplomacy
» Information Resources Management
» Insurance
» Insurance and Actuarial Science
» Intelligence and Security Studies
» International And Comparative Politics
» International Business
» International Relations
» International Relations And Human Resource Management
» International Relationship and Diplomacy
» International Relationship and Strategic Studies
» International Studies
» International Studies and Diplomacy
» Islamic Studies with Actuarial Science
» Law/International Law and Diplomacy
» Library and Information Science
» Library Science
» Local Government Studies
» Management And Entrepreneurship
» Marketing
» Marketing And Advertising
» Mass Communication
» Mass Communication And Media Technology
» Media And Communication Studies
» Office And Information Management
» Office System Management
» Peace And Conflict Studies
» Peace and Development Studies
» Peace Studies And Conflict Resolution
» Personnel Management
» Philosophy
» Policy and Administrative Studies
» Policy And Strategic Studies
» Political and Administrative Studies
» Political Philosophy/Economics
» Political Science
» Political Science and Conflict Resolution
» Political Science and Defence Studies
» Political Science and Diplomacy
» Political Science and History
» Political Science and International Relations
» Political Science and International Studies
» Political Science and Public Administration
» Political Science/International Law and Diplomacy
» Population Studies
» Psychology
» Public Administration
» Public Relation and Advertising
» Purchasing/Procurement and Supply
» Pure and Applied Psychology
» Regional Integration and Diplomacy
» Religion
» Religious Studies
» Social Justice
» Social Work and Administration
» Social Work/Community Development
» Social Works
» Sociology
» Sociology and Anthropology
» Sociology and Psychology
» Taxation
» Tourism and Event Management
» Transport Planning and Management

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