All interested individual that wish to obtain the Nabteb 2017 registration now have the privilege from now till october 16, 2017.

The registration portal is still open to all candidates.
The form is sold at the rate of 10,000 and the registration portal can be access here

All candidate that want to register must ensure the correct
information was entered on the registration portal before
final submission.

Things not to do in the Portal
Do not use a card that has already been used for another candidate Do not enter an invalid e-mail address for result to be sent as this will penalize you by deducting your card use

a. All candidates are required to supply their own pen,
pencil, eraser, ink, ruler, and mathematical set.
b. Drawing Materials: Candidates are required to provide
their own drawing board, Tee-square, metric scale ruler and
other drawing instruments. They are also allowed to use
slide rules during the examination if the need arises.
c. The use of simple, non-programmable, noiseless and
cordless calculator is allowed.
d. Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination Hall
with GSM Hand-set and other electronic gadgets.