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Waec 2018 Government Questions And Answers Now Available For Free

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fascism is a form of government headed by a dictator in which the government has a totsl control over all activitiesd in the state and personal liberties denied the people

(i)auto cratic tendency where government has total control over all aspects of life
(ii)limited political participation where the ordinary man is not allowed to participate in decision making
(iii)repression of politicalopposition-no political opposition is allowed
(iv)the use of propaganda and control by the government
(v)supremacy of the state


-By initiating the public the public bills
-The bill goes through the first reading in the floor of the house
-The proposed bill will then go through the second reading on the floor of the house
-The proposed law will the be passed on the floor of the house
-The president will then assent the bill in order to become a law


-interdepedence of the judiciary
-promotion of judges
-security of tenure


-Mass media helps to create awareness for immediate environment and outside the world
-Mass media helps to be a watch dog role in the society to keep surveillance on the government
-Mass media helps to keep a good relationship between rulers and ruled
-Mass media exist enormous power and influence on the people


-Ivory coast

-The individual must provide evidence of good and attestable behaviour from the french colonial government
-He/She must have served with french colonial government for about ten years
-He/She has to be born in any of the four countries


-Commonwealth organisation helps to bring together all former colonies under britain and britain itself and also cooperate among themselves in several ways
-Emergence of the press of the press which develop and speak for the people in struggle for political independence
-Uniform civil service was developed with british and french systems
-Common language was promoted among colonial territories
-Development of political parties which emerged from struggle for political independence


National interest is by definition the decision and desires of a country,the purpose of which the nation interacts with other nations of the world. It includes what a country wishes to gain by interacting with other countries of the world. It has a lot to do with the gains of a country in her foreign policy with other countries

-Independence of African states
-Respect for territorial integrity
-Peaceful resolution of crises
-Friendship and cooperation with other nations of the world


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