EXAM TIME: Friday, 21stApril, 2017
Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 09.30am – 11.00am

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(i) Nitrogen
(iii) Potassium

(i) Ring method
(ii) side placing
(iii) Broad casting

(i) Control pond algae
(ii) It is used to Enrich compost
(iii) It is used to Block and control garden pests .

(i) For neutralizing and reduce soil acidity
(ii) It helps in freeing up soil minerals , and making them available
for absorption into the plant
(iii) It is used for reducing water acidity

(i)it increase organic content of the soil
(ii) it increase soil structure
(iii) it increase soil perforation


Specimem I
(i)it is used for carring farm produce
(ii)it is used for carring farm input eg fertilizer

Specimen J
(i)it is used to sharpern edges of cutlass
(ii)it is used to straghten rough edge of farm tools

(i)store in dry and clean environment or place
(ii)wash and clean it after used

(i) Specimen K – Elaeis guineensis
(ii) Specimen L – Gossyplum spp

Palm oil is extracted from palm fruit that is collected from the farm after collection the palm fruit seeds are removed from the bunch of the palm fruit, the seeds are then heated locally to soften the seed and fibre ,it is then passed using a prossing machine or grounded using a locall morter, the seed fibre and oil are then seperated and the oil is heated to satisfaction.


-Stunted growth
-Galls on leaves
-It causes diseases to crops
-It decreases the farm yield

-Spray with insecticides
-Uproot and burn infected plants


-Pod borers
-Bean beatetle
-Leaf hoppers

(i) It improves digestion
(ii) It is used as coconut cake
(iii) It is edible and burns fat
(iv) It is used for balancing of blood sugar
(v) It is used for making body oil.

SPECIMEN Q – Vigna Unguiculata
SPECIMEN R – Cocos Nucifera

Three breeds of farm animal which produce T are
-Brown leghorn
-White leghorn
-Rhoda island red

-It is a source of protein to feed of livestocks
-It is a source of protein to man
-It is a source of income to breeders when sold
-It is a source of calcium to poultry

-It can be harvested by using fishing net
-It can also be harvested by using hook and line




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