Waec 2017 Geography Obj And Theory Answers – May/June Expo



-Advanced technology has has helped in the provision of more efficient farming equipment like tractors,planters to increase the food production
-It has also led to the development of chemicals such as insecticides,pesticides to control pests and diseases
-New crop varieties and animal breeds with early maturity and high yied have been developed

-It has promoted excess births over deaths
-It has a good knowledge of the causes of infections and diseases and how to prevent them has lead to increase in population
-Better sanitation which has helped to check outbreak and spread of diseases has led to population increase

-Relief: Jara is located in lowland with deep volcanic and alluvial plains which favours the cultivation of crops and habitations
-Favourable climate: This area has moderate temperate and abundant rainfall throughout the year and is supported by irrigation for the cultivation of crops
-Fertile soil: Jara is blessed with rich volcanic alluvial soils which favours the growth of many crops
-Intensive agriculture:The soil is intensively and continously cultivated because of its fertility for the growth of rice and other crops


-Industrial function
-Commercial function
-Administrative function
-Agricultural function
-Lumbering function
-Fishing function

-Provision of food:Urban areas depend on rural areas for food stuffs
-Unskilled labour supply:Unskilled labour supply usually come from rural to urban industries
-Medicinal herbs:Medicinal herbs and roots are usually bought from rural to urban areas for phamaceuticals





-Presence of unique land forms
-Presence of unique historical and religious centres
-Unique environment and conditions
-Presence of natural and artifical lakes

-Unstable political factors and government policies
-Inadequate maintenance of tourist centres
-High rate of crime rate in the country
-Outspread of diseases



Movement of goods and services
-Movement of people
-Development of tourism
-Opening up new lands and areas
-Generation of revenue

-It is very costly to build and maintain railways
-Railway transport is relatively slow in some other areas
-Railway network is generally poor

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