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10 Colleges in the USA Where Students Attend for Free in 2019

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10 Colleges in the USA Where Students Attend for Free in 2019.

Colleges in the USA Where Students Attend for Free… Do you know that there are actually colleges that exist in the USA that you can enroll in and be a part of for free with little or no amount of work in providing for your tuition and other needs?

As the trend of free tuition has become obvious and known among prominent colleges every year, education is now an obtainable opportunity and a dream come true for you and many academically driven people.

Colleges in the USA Where Students Attend for Free

1. Alice Lloyd

Alice Lloyd is a private liberal are a university you would love to attend, the university was founded in 1923 and enrolls 599 students from different countries which certainly gives you a good opportunity to be part of it.

Alice Lloyd College offers different programs of study ranging from bachelors degree program to pre-professional programs which prepares students for advanced studies in other fields of study such as law, medicine and lot more. With many minors as well such as accounting and social science, students at Alice Lloyd College can further their education. The college is also aimed at creating an environment where Christian values are obtained and maintained.

Alice Lloyd provides tuition fees for students from selected Appalachian countries.  Alice Lloyd College is accredited by the southern association of colleges and schools commission on college. And also ranked the 7th best regional college by the U.S News and World Report.

The students are expected to work in the campus in exchange for their tuition fees and education in the campus job or the local community. Students at the tuition-free college are expected to work at least for some hours, about 160 hours per semester in an on-campus job or in the local community in the Student Work Program. The cost of living in a dormitory is about $1,900 annually.

Alice Lloyd College offers to selected students with more work experience and personal preferences these jobs to allow them to attain free tuition. SAT test scores (25th/75th percentile) are as required and demanded: Critical reading: 460/590; math: 420/520; and writing: 440/480.

2. Berea College

Berea college was founded in 1855, and is a private liberal art college, the college provides a four year degree programs in 28 fields. The college has a large number of the undergraduate student about 1,600 in number and the institution offers admission as well to international students from other students and to domestic students as well.

Each student in the Berea college is matched to a job related to their field of study and choice of study as an undergraduate student, a necessary amount of time is required per week for you to work  as a student in order to receive your tuition fee, the college has over 140 departments for students which leaves you enough options to chose from , Berea College presents a certain hourly rate depending on the job so that students can learn the values of being in the workforce and acquire  extra cash for room, school books, and boarding. The  College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

The college is named  as one of the best colleges in the Southeast. . Berea college does not charge tuition and awards a four-year tuition scholarship to every admitted student (amounts to nearly $100,000). Every student is required to work at least 10 hours per week in campus-approved jobs. The Berea College Technology and Applied Design Department is admitting course registration for spring 2019 Westervelt Program classes, which will center on making jewelry, wooden boxes and photography.

3. College of the Ozarks

College of Ozark ranks one of the best with its Christian values and dedication to responsibilities alongside financial assistance, the Ozarks college was founded in 1906, the college offers a lot of serious courses to the bachelor degree program which is made available.

The collage of Ozarks is of the mission to provide the advantages of a Christian education for the youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training.

The school being able to give you a full tuition fee suggests that the you should work for at least 15 hours every week to be eligible for their free tuition. The college is ranked 5th in the 2019 best regional colleges edition.

The College admits 14% of applicants. Students are encouraged to be in the top half of their graduating class with a preferred high school GPA of at least 3.0 . SAT test scores (25th/75th percentile) are as required: Critical reading: 525/566; math: 500/593.

Full time students in the college receives free tuition fees and students are required to show financial need to be accepted. You are required to work for 15 hours a week at one campus work station, the college also provides you with a summer work session in order to cover for your cost of accommodation . college of Ozarks is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

4. Deep Spring College

The institution was founded in 1917 Deep spring college is an all male college which has been made open to female students as well  from the class of 2013 located at California’s High desert in a cattle ranch and alfalfa, the college admits about 15 students each each academic year with 10 more on the wait-list. It is an intimate college that provides you with the quality education. The institution is thought to be isolated but the isolation creates a tight living and learning environment helping students focus on the demands and needs of their community.

The application process for each incoming class begins in the fall and Deep spring college accepts only online applications. Every attendee at the college receives a full financial reward, a free room and board in addition. the application process for both international and domestic student is the same as the institution accept both domestic and international students.  Students have to work for at least 20 hours at the ranch. Most students are suburban, affluent, and white. The school is known for its high education quality as its graduate students make and gain graduate degrees in other institutions. Deep spring college is poised at establishing on the bedrock of academics, self governance and labor.

Every student must take an active part in labor on Deep Springs campus as both an integral pillar of their education and as a way to help defray the costs of offering this free educational opportunity. The institution admits students based on good academics performance and good leadership qualities, it as well accepts SAT and ACT scores fro its attendees. An essay and interview is required for for students admission into the institution. The interview is no vocation as students are put to work and observe red closely for those working with interest and willingness.

Each student receives a full scholarship which is over $50, 000 per year with a minimum of 20 hour work by the students. Deep spring is accredited by the WAASC accrediting commission for community and junior colleges. And students attend it for different resons, for adventure, serenity and the institutions style of learning. Unlike other school, deep students design their curriculum and select their professors and lecturers. Deep spring college obviously isn’t a party school.

5. Curtis Institution of Music

Curtis was founded on October  1924, The school is located in Philadelphia, Curtis institution is one of the prominent art performing schools. The institution accepts only 165 students to enroll each academic year into the prestigious college. The Curtis Institute of Music, known as one of the heading and topping conservatories in the world, provides training and education to gifted musicians for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level.

The Curtis institution of music allows for its students to have a direct training with musical instruments and musical professionals. Students at Curtis have almost an unlimited opportunities to perform. With a large number of students attending yearly, the institution offers its talented students  full intuition fee. Curtis institution of music offers  a performance diploma , a bachelor of music degree and a master of music in opera degree, and a professional studies certificate in opera in addition.

The college has same tutors for both its elementary school and high school age students as the institution does no have a minimum or maximum age of requirement when enrolling students.


All attendee who wish to apply to the institution must be audited in person and must posses an artistic quality. For the 2019–19 school year, the annual value of this scholarship was $43,590 for undergraduate students and $54,125 for graduate students.

These scholarships are changed and improved upon each year of a student’s enrollment. Graduates of the Curtis institution of music performs at the metropolitan opera. The institution assistance award ranges from loans to on- campus employment and fro reduced ensemble to  supplemental grants including housing and dining grants.

6. Webb Institute

Webb institution was founded in 1889 and is located in Glen Cove, New York. The institution is a private engineering undergraduate college, students who graduate from the Webb college acquires a bachelor degree of science in both navel architecture engineering and marine engineering.

Webb Institute also offers need-based aid to help cover additional costs of attending Webb college is devoted to ship design and assumes the only college that does this.

The academic program at Webb institution includes  several engineering disciplines, including marine engineering, mechanical engineering, ship design and systems engineering, electrical engineering, and civil/structural engineering. The institution admits a specific number of student 80 students at each academic year.

Webb institution is the only full tuition scholarship private undergraduate program in the country as Every student at Webb Institute receives a four-year, full-tuition scholarship. The institution is accredited by the middle states commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Students reside in the campus an an estate.

The institution limits students cost to books , laptop, software, and board. Webb institution students work at Maritime industries and get paid during the winter term. Graduates of the Web institution have a 100% job placement as soon as college is over. As the trend of free tuition becomes  obvious among prominent  colleges every year, education is now an obtainable opportunity and a dream come true for many academically driven student.

7. Barclay College

Barclay college is located in Hviland, Kansas. Barclay is have various years of study. Barclay college is a Christian centered environment. The college welcomes students from all evangelical faiths.

The college admits about 250 students in undergraduate and graduate programs with ministerial focus.the college was founded in 1918. Bachelor’s degree programs are have also been made available in Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry, Sports and Recreational Leadership, Christian Elementary Education, Business Administration, and so many other.

The institution  also offers Associate’s degrees in Biblical Studies and General Studies, and Master’s programs in Family Ministries, Pastoral Ministries, Quaker Studies, Spiritual Formation, Transformation Leadership, and more. The institution is a four year evangelical Quaker college. Students’ residing in the campus receives a $15,000 full tuition scholarship automatically upon their acceptance.

This full tuition scholarship is founded by the college supporters so as to enable students to graduate excellently  in  their Christian education with debt. The institution also offers an online degree program to interested students. the college scholarship does not cover for the cost of the room, board and fees. Barclay College offers a free, high quality education in any Christian related fields.

8. Brown University

Brown University, a private, Ivy League research university founded in 1764 and is located in Located atop College Hill in Providence, R.I.,, enrolls over 9,700 students in full array of undergraduate, graduate, and processional programs.

Brown is the only major research university in the nation which have undergraduates as the architects of their own course of study. It is usually  considered the most liberal of the Ivy League Schools. Brown has more of undergraduates and focus on these undergraduate focus than other top-ranked universities.

Brown university as a part of the Association of American Universities is globally recognized. Brown University operates on a 9% acceptance rate and a first year retention rate of 98%. SAT test scores (25th/75th percentile) are as required: Critical reading: 680/780; math: 690/790.

Undergraduate students with a total parent income of less than $100,000 do not have a loan component in their award. Tuition and fees costs $51,366 per year and the total direct and indirect costs are $68,106.

Brown University meets 100% of a full student, demonstrated need. Forty-six percent of the class of 2016 received need-based scholarship  An academic year work-study/campus employment expectation is part of the federal financial aid program. The Brown University is accredited by the New England Association of schools and colleges (NEASC).

9. Stanford University

Stanford university Stanford University was founded in 1891 by Senator Leland Stanford along with his wife. Stanford university is a private research college located in Stanford. And has a large number of students which is about and above 15, 000 students. Stanford university has a large number of faculties 2,219 in number With a 7% admission rate, Stanford is one of the most selective universities for undergraduate admission.

Stanford university offers admission for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Stanford is an international institution, and accepts students from all 50 U.S. states and 91 other countries. That is to say, that Stand ford university gives room for but domestic and international students to apply.

These degrees are offered in seven schools and in different courses which includes humanities and science, business, medicine, education and engineering. The Stanford university ranks the second best university in the world according to the American Ranking of World Universities, it also ranked first in the world in humanities and social sciences.

For parents with an income below $100,000 and typical assets for this income range, the expected parent contribution is low enough to make sure all tuition charges are covered and need-based scholarships, state and federal grants, and/or outside scholarship funds.

Families with incomes at higher levels, usually up to $200,000, may also qualify for assistance, especially if more than one family member is attending college. Stanford is committed to making provisions for tuition free education for students of low and middle income families.

Students from families with an annual income of less than $125,000 do not pay a cent toward tuition. Additionally, students from families making less than $65,000 are offered free room and board, a large percent of Stanford undergraduate students graduate with no student debt.

10. Harvard University

Harvard university was founded on the 1636 and a private ivy league research institution located in Cambridge.  Harvard  a lot of student  which is  about 20,000 students  in number and a 7:1 student/faculty ratio.

The school ranked #3 in 2012  according to the QS World University Rankings it also ranked #1 in the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges in National Universities according to the U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes ranked Harvard University #6. Harvard university offers to both graduate and undergraduate professional degrees.

The institution offers financial aid which is not include loans and people with high income dealings challenges are qualified to apply. The university is organized into eleven separate academic units—ten faculties and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study—with campuses throughout the Boston metropolitan  Entrance into the university is solely need based.

Harvard’s tuition and fees amounts to  $40k; room and board averages at $13k. Students are required and expected to contribute to cover the cost of their education through term-time and summer work. Harvard faculty is engaged with tutoring and researching to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For students who are keyed up to investigate and research the biggest issues of the 21st century.

Harvard’s alumni include eight united state presidents more than thirty foreign heads of state, 62 living billionaires 359 Rhodes scholars and 242 Marshall Scholar. As of October 2018, 158 noble leurates, 18 field medalists, and 14 Turing award winners have been affiliated as students, faculty, or researchers.

In addition, Harvard students and alumni have won 10 Academy award, 48 Pulitzer prizes, and 108 Olympic medals 46 golds, 41 silvers and 21 bronze. Admission is based on academic prowess, extracurricular activities and “personality” (judged subjectively by admissions officers who have not met the applicants.

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