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20 Good Business Ideas You can Make Money from During Christmas

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20 Good Business You can Make Money from During Christmas.

Christmas. I could write a million things about Christmas and it wouldn’t even seem enough. The festivities, the holidaying, the fun and everything else. Christmas is always special. Yet with all of the activities associated with Christmas you have probably wondered, “What businesses can I do to make money during Christmas?” This question has always been a reoccurring one as Christmas isn’t a long one but you can make money still.

Good Business You can Make Money From

20 Good Business You can Make Money from During Christmas

In this article, I would be listing and explaining 20 businesses you can do to make money in Christmas. Are you ready? Of course you are.

Top Businesses to Invest Money On this Xmas.

1. Event Management and Organizing – It is common knowledge that several events are set aside for Christmas and there are countless of such events for get-together parties to family picnics to every event you can think of. If you have event management skills and experience, this is a very good and lucrative option to explore. Just reach out to people. You’d be surprised at how many persons would want you to engage your services.

2. Shop for Elderly People – Seniors typically have a tough time carrying on with their every day chores like cleansing, aiming to the foodstuff and such different errands like that. The Christmas amount will typically be a troublesome time for them particularly as there would be additional energetic shoppers, one thing these seniors cannot handle.

3. Party Planner – This is just like event planning put strictly for parties. Your event management skills would come in handy here.

4. Travel Planner – You could become a travel agent. Planned trips, flight tickets, rental cars, accommodations and so many more. If you have lived or still live in a particular location, your knowledge of the place would come in handy.

For example, people in Nigeria travel to places such as Obudu Ranch and Resorts to holiday and you could help them plan their trip there and be a travel guide.

5. Sale of Christmas Souvenirs – Like a Christmas sales outlet, you could sell items for Christmas too. From Santa Claus caps, to Christmas trees, to fireworks and so much more. The demand for these things is very high and with increased demand comes the need for increased supply.

6. Makeover artist – Everyone wants to look their best during Christmas especially. There are countless shows, events and parties to attend and lots of pictures to take too! Looking good is good business they say.

A makeover artist doubles as a makeup artist and fashion stylist. Of course, you would be patronized. You don’t even need to have a fixed shop for this as you could do home services. Just make sure you do a lot of publicity and let friends and family know what you intend to do. You could even take advantage of social media too.

7. Holiday Shopper – Of course, it’s the holiday so you could help people shop for it and it is even better when it is at discount prices. You could travel to Lagos, for example, to shop in bulk for people who reside in other cities like Uyo or Port Harcourt and make profit from it.

8. Christmas Musical Show – There are so many shows from Christmas Carols to music talent shows you could plan during Christmas. Most people are on holidays or vacation, hence they have free time on their hands to attend such events. What’s more? It is fun. You could organize musical groups to perform or even perform alone. Go get your microphone now!

9. Selling Musical Shows – In Nigeria, for example, special drinks such as zobo, kunu and other native drinks are increasingly demanded during Christmas. Find what special drink is in demand during Christmas in your locality or you could be innovative enough to create your own mix or brew or drink then sell.

Make sure it is safe for human consumption though. You could make a lot of money from this because people are always willing to experiment especially during such festive periods.

10. Storage Facility Service – Food, meat, fish and many other food stuffs are prepared in excess during Christmas so you could run a cooling unit where people keep food at a fee. Same goes to other items too. A warehouse of some sorts is profitable at this time.

11. Catering Services – As I stated earlier on, the onset of Christmas coincides with parties and events and food are served at this events. You could combine your catering services with your event planning skills to even earn more money.

You could prepare simple meals or even snacks and drinks.

12. Cleaning Service – In many parts of the world, this is profitable even more so during Christmas. People are busy partying and the need to clean things such as clothings, houses, event centers and many other places increases. This is where you come in. The capital required for this is small.

13. Liquor Delivery – With festivities and partying comes the increased consuming of liquor of all types. Selling liquor during Christmas is definitely profitable as the demand is there and people are increasingly willing to spend.

14. Christmas Sales Outlet – In many cities, many stores are closed as the store owners and sellers might have travelled to enjoy the Christmas holidays. This is a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of. You could set up a Christmas sales outlet to sell gift items, Christmas paraphernalia and accessories too.

15. Car Rental Service

16. Portal Services

17. Home Decoration

18. Packaged Food Selling

19. Taxi Service

20. Graphics Designing


There are countless lucrative businesses to do during Christmas you can engage in even with little capital. Just research on what is applicable in your city and take advantage of it. Make sure whatever business you engage in doesn’t contradict the laws in your community or city. So, now that you know, go on to make money and remember to enjoy yourself during Christmas too!

NG Team.

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