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Good day Readers. Welcome to

JAMB (u.t.m.e) 2018 Official Portal.

The Step at Which the Joint

Admission and Matriculation Board

will take for the Unified tertiary and

Matriculation Examination for 2018

is Unpredictable.

It is Clearly Noticeable That We Have

Heard Various information about the

Examination. Hence, what Everyone

Should Be Concerned with is

Am I Among The Crew to Matriculate in 2018 ?

* In 2011, A total of 1.3 Million

Candidates Wrote Utme. But the

whole Nigerian Universities Were

Only Able to Admit 220,000

Candidates. Here, we have 1.8

Million Students Who Are going to

Re sit for the Examination.

Luckily, Nigerian Polytechnics,

Monothecnics & Colleges of

Education were Able to Admit

800,000 Out of the Later.

* Something similar happened in

2012, JAMB registered 1.5million

Candidates for utme 2012 but the

whole Conventional Universities,

Polythenics, Monothecnics and

College of Education were Only Able

to Admit 300,000 leaving the fate of

1.3million Nigerians till another


* In 2013, over 2 million candidates

wrote UTME. Unfortunately, the

whole conventional universities/

polythecnics/colleges of education

could not admit 40% of the


We don’t need to keep talking till

tomorrow before a serious

Candidate knows he has to go extra

mile to secure admission into the


You should be guaranteed that a

Minimum of 2million Students will

be writing JAMB 2018. Likewise, you

should not forget that Nigerian

Universities, Polythenics,

Monothecnics & College of Education

Can Only Admit 400,000 students

out of this Large Population.

Absolutely, the fate of Another 1.6

million Candidates will be postponed

to 2018 Jamb.

Be Aware that if you don’t have or

You don’t Even have Money to

Process admission into the

University. The Best Tip to gain entry


Your Favorite Website
[Ultimatet] is here again to assist her

Candidates sitting for the 2018 UTME

Examination, We did it Last Year and

now we are ready to do it again. Are

you tired of sitting at home

hopelessly due to Admission Issues?

Don’t Panic, We have done it before

and we can do it again.

Most Candidates from

SCHOOL.NAIJAGREEN Scored 250+ in the Past

UTME Exam and are now in their

Various Institution, We can make you

Sleep with your Two eyes close and

put that Smile on your Face by

Assisting you to Achieve your

Admission Goals easily and 100%




With unfailing strategies applied in

the just-cancelled PPT Examination,

CBT will be much better. In the

concluded CBT, we were able to

deliver 100% Real Questions and

Answers 24hours before the exam.

Same principle will apply to CBT but

with little differences.

CBT is a Computer Based

Examination. How will it be possible

to send answers ?

How will you know the question I

will be given and the answers?

The questions will be different for

each person. How will assistance be


This is the most popular question

asked when we revealed our plans to

help candidates for CBT. Can you

take more of your time to read this

page? Youâre just few steps to see

the answers to your question..

Get Started

A lot of students have been thrown

into deep fears of failure when they

had no choice than to apply for the

computer based test 2018 due to

one reason or the other in the past

UTME Exam. So far, no website/

tutorial/school has offered CBT

assistance to candidates. Likewise,

no website/school/tutorial centre has

ever been able to dish out real Jamb

questions to candidates. Butâ¦

SCHOOL.NAIJAGREEN laid a landmark

initiative after assisting students in

the 2014 CBT UTME and the amazing

release of 20,2011,2012, 2013 & 2014 Jamb PPT

questions online a day before the


It is at disposal, the fact that a lot of

student lack the requisite knowledge

of how CBT assistance can be

offered. Nonetheless, take your

time to read below as we take you

steps by steps, the details.

The Untold Secret

of Jamb CBT

This information Iâm realizing is

strictly confidential and must not

spread. Hence, it will be changed by

JAMB which will at long run affect

candidates. Jamb CBT is run in ways

that confuse experts on how to go

about assisting students. In the

examination, the questions each

student will be different but similar

and if at all, they are the same, they

will never be in the same number.

For example, question 1 for

candidate A may be the question 30

of another candidate. This strategy is

been adopted by Jamb and it has

been auto configured with the online

data base. In other words, the

computer has been configured such

that it changes the questions

number for each candidate. In our

investigation, this same strategy has

been used by institutions who write

âE-Examâ like the National Open

University of Nigeria (NOUN). Do

you understand? Well understood.


What is the

strategy for

assistance ?

Here comes the most anticipated

answer! There is no other answer

beyond the fact that with serious

negotiations and so much cash

involved, we have been able to

contract with a reliable source within

the JAMB teams that uploads the

question on the examination portal.

The untold secret we got is that

JAMB sets series of questions. For

example, in subjects where you are

to answer 50 questions, like 80 â

100 questions will be set and

uploaded to the exam questions. The

computer rotates the question for

each candidate. Hence, the questions

to be served to each candidate

cannot totally be the same.

The strategy to be applied by

Jambcbt in assisting candidates is

simply that we will be releasing the

questions to be uploaded on the

exam portal as well as answers to

them. A serious candidate is

expected to practice these questions

thoroughly and master their answers

as we cannot guarantee the specific

question you would see.

To avoid leakage, the questions &

answers will not be sent until

24hours to the time of your exam.

Perhaps, you have limited time to

study. We have chosen to apply this

principle to avoid leakage of the


Note that the questions will not be

posted online like we did for Pen

and paper test. Instead, it will be

sent to individual e-mail. We strictly

advice candidates to keep the

questions confidential as any form of

leakage would lead to Jamb changing

the question.

Note that if the question should get

changed, we will not assist

candidates further on CBT. Evidently,

candidates who have not written

before the change date will be


Arghhhhh don’t get yourself too

worried. Subscribe to SCHOOL.NAIJAGREEN

JAMB CBT assistance program and

youâre only a step to scoring 250+ above


List of subjects available:

(1) 4 subjects= #5,000 MTN CARD
(2)1 subject = #1,500 MTN CARD
(2) All subject= #30,000 MTN CARD

How To Subscribe
Send your Name,Phone number, Subjects,
Jamb registration number and Your Mtn Card to .

We would confirm your payment within 7hours after
receiving your details

if you dont know your jamb registration number,

you can still subscribe, then immediately after you reprint

your jamb slip, you can send your jamb registration number

with your Date & Time.

Please Note That:
-subscribing for jamb does not stop you from reading your books
-Price increases on Feb. 31st
-230 is the minimum guaranteed mark
-A browisng phone is strictly required for the runz
-We only need your registration number, we would call you when we need more information

Admin(Mr. EnterMaster)

For Inquiry Text us Only:

Note: Your Success is In Your Hands


febuary to march



If I pay this amount now. Will it

be too early?


YES. But it is a Good One on

your side because in few

negotiations with our source, Our

Payment would be Increased Soon.

So, Late Payment attracts additional



If I pay this Amount. Will I pay

any additional fee?


NO. But if it warrants so. Late

Payees will bear the Cause


How quick will we get the



Our Source has never failed us.

We will deliver the Assistance at the

stipulated time above for each



Is the CBT Package for all



NO. Just for Four Subjects. If

you will need assistance for 5-7 or
all subjects. Please Contact Us


How am I Sure this is not a



NO. That is why we Prepared

proofs to how we delivered

assistance to the just concluded PPT



Is it compulsory to scan our

exam slip?


Yes. We have introduced the

option to avoid people sending fake

exam dates so as to get the

assistance early.


When will Subscription Close?


Subscription Closes DECEMBER

31ST, 2018. Anyone paying

thereafter will pay additional fee of



You should be aware that there are

millions of Scammers Out there who

are only ready to dupe you and offer

no assistance. If you are reading this,

Count yourself luckily because even

without reading, 250 & above is

guaranteed. SCHOOL.NAIJAGREEN Jamb

assistance Programme is

trusted & Reliable.

A serious student we go vividly extreme miles to his or her success cause no one will be saying am going to rewrite next year that we reject it in jesus name, to say (amen) is left for you if you really know what you are doing.

HAS a serious student you will never endure to loose this opportunity, remember everything not about brilliance but depend on our reliable connections who knows who.

Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail, It is Better You MEASURE And Cut Once, Than NOT TO MEASURE And Cut Twice. your determination to success is now open for you, its your future, don’t play with it.

For Further Enquiries, Problems,

suggestion, Information, Advice or

Questions. Please contact:


NG Team.

Plse, Don't just read and leave, Pls drop a comment below!

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