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2017 Neco Gce GEOGRAPHY II Answers Now Available For Free

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-it has few social amenities
-it is a feature of rural settlement. The farms are intensively tilled.

-it could be several kilometere in length
-gardens are located behind gardens.

-it has many social amentites
-it is a feature of urban settlement
-the area is well connected with roads.

-reduction in the level of conflict
-the need to have enough land.
-for easy accessibility to offer areas.
-the need to transport farm produce by markets.
-there is need to maintain social ties
-the need for defence

-increase in demand for social amenitiess
-it results to unemployment
-increase in social vices or more


(i) Non-similarity of products: Both countries produce goods and services which are not similar.
(ii) Absence of trade unions: There is absence of trade union between developing and advanced nations; hence, the increase in the volume of trade.
(iii) High level of technology: The increase for high volume of trade between developing and advanced countries is due to the high level of technology in the latter.
(iv) Colonial ties: The inclination of some developing countries to their colonial masters, has helped to increase the volume of trade between the nations.
(v) Differences in import duties: There are higher differences in import duties imposed on imported goods in both countries.

(i) Increased international co-operation between both countries
(ii) Through technical cooperation between the countries.
(iii) Membership of the same international economic organisation.
(iv) Provision of loans to enhance production
(v) Liberalization and simplification of export/import procedures by both countries.


(4a )

-it reduce the internally generatecd revenue of nthe country
-it causes unemployment
-it reduces the foreign exchange earning of a country
-it affects infrastructural development of a country

-the government should ensure steady supply of power
-government should make adequate provision for power sector
-alternative power source should be encouraged in order to boost power supply

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