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2017 Nabteb Gce COMMERCE & LITERATURE Answers Now Available

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-Koramoa: She is the wife of Kofi dede and they have been in love right from their childhood till they got married and for many years she could not have a baby for her husband and she adapted till they were eventually blessed with a child instead of divorcing her husband like her friend Pokuwaa did though she is a very jealous wife and would not like to share her husband with any other woman in any way. She often complains to Pokuwaa about her husband’s affair and threatens to divorce him. But she is a very caring wife and a disciplined mother that does not pamper her only child. She is also the best friend of Pokuwaa.She loves her friend and identifies with her problems. She is the only one Pokuwaa confides in when she opt to sto further rituals and sacrifices for a child. In fact she accompanied her friend to throw into bush her calabash of herbs .She was also the first person Pokuwaa wanted to tell of her pregnancy but her mother found out by first chance.
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-Kwadwo Frodwuo: He is the husband of Pokuwaa whom he bears children. He was ruked by a major fear which is the possibility of losing Pokuwaa on account of her childlessness and therefore all his actions tailored to helping Pokuwaa to get a child and stay as his wife. He often denies his first wife her right just to please Pokuwaa and reduce her travails. He is a successful farmer and hunter always ready to help his wife in her farm work and provide her games.


Golding’s lord of flies contains various level of symbolism which is the public and private. Public symbols have a more universal appeal and they easy to access to a wider audience examples are such images as the snake which symbolizes the evil in man, The fire which symbolises the best in man that is it is a representation of hope of the human spirit that flickers upwards, The creeper or jungle vine is a running image. Its overwhelming recurrence lends it the force of motive, The platform represents a more rational level of existence, The mountain represents man’s highest aspiration and achievement, The coral rocks symbolizes brute and crude force, The couch shell is a symbol of authority. As for the private symbols,the most outstanding in in the novel are piggy glasses in what looks like a spark of genius Jack roughly snatches piggy’s spectacle from his face and start the tinder smouldering with lenses as a magnifying glass which soon becomes a vast fire which rages out of control. Piggy’s lenses stand for his intellectualism which illuminating and inspiring and another private symbols in the novel is the couch shell. Raph uses the couch shell to summon the boys together so as fashion out ways of effecting their rescue..In essence Jack symbolises brute force and brutal dictatorship.Piggy stands for rational thinking or reasoning.


Commerce Obj

Commerce is a branch of production
engaged in the distribution of
goods and services.
This includes all the aids which make
distribution possible.
iii)Banking advertising

i)Transport: This is one of the aids to
trade involves I the
movement of goods and people in the distribution of goods and service.
Examples are land, water, air and

ii)Insurance: This is the provision of
protection against unforeseen
risk on persons and goods. Insurance
protection can be provided
against accident, marine, motor vehicle,
burglary e.t.c

iii)Banking: Banking provides
safekeeping of money and provision of
loan for traders to expand his/her
business. It also safe-keep
valuable goods and other documents.

iv)Advertising: Advertising aids trades
by brining the existence or
production of new goods and services to the knowledge of members of
the public and persuade them to buy and
use the goods and services

v)Warehousing: This aids the trade by providing storage of goods produced ahead of demand until they will
be needed.

ii)paper Notes
iii)Foreign Money

i)Cash: Cash is a legal tender which is in
any form of money backed
by law and must be accepted when used
as a means of payment for goods and services, and settlement of debts.

ii)Paper notes: They are informing of
paper money printed by the
government of the nation and used as a
means of payment. For example
in Nigeria, Naira is printed in form of
paper money.

iii)Foreign Money: it is the money of
other countries of the world
which serves as a money in the foreign
exchange market. Such money
includes:- Dollar, Pounds sterling, Cedis,

iv)Cheque- This is a written order made
upon a bank to pay a
specified sum of money to a named
person or bearer on a certain date.

v)Bank Draft- it is used in payment of
debts and is as authentic as
physical cash. A bank draft is like a
cheque. It is an order form a bank to another bank instructing the
bank to pay a specified sum of
money to a named person. A bank draft is drawn by a bank upon its branch or another bank.

Balance of trade refers to total value of goods sold and bought by any country during a given period, usually a year while
Balance of payments can be defined as a statement or record showing the relationship between a country’s total payments to other countries and it’s total receipts from them in a year.

i)to protect infant industries: tariffs are imposed to protect infant industries from undue competition with foreign firms
ii)generation of revenue: many countries derive their revenue from import and export duties
iii)to prevent dumping: tariffs are imposed to prevent dumping of goods from foreign countries
iv)to improve balance of payments deficit: the unfavourable balance of payments can be corrected because importation would be discouraged
v)retaliatory measures: this can be used in retaliation against countries which impose taxes on their imports

-revenue:it is responsible for fixed assets quays revenue, equipment, etc
-control of pollution: it consist pollution in rivers and water
-dredging of rivers: it is responsible for dredging of rivers to ensure smooth sailing of vessels and water crafts
-ports administration: it control al seaports administratively.
-storage warehousing facilities: it provides and maintain storage and warehousing facilities at the docks

i)CMR document
ii)bill of lading
iii)Air waybill
iv)Multimedia bill of lading
v)Cargo insurance certificate
vi)International commercial invoice
vii)parking host
viii)delivery note

i)saving bank is community bank
ii)people’s bank
iii)community bank
iv)development bank
v)commercial bank

i)they grant long and medium-term loans and advance to businessman
ii)they offer advisory services to corporate organization about mergers, reorganizations and project financing
iii)they are authorized issuers and dealers of negotiable certificates
iv)they lease, rent costly equipment for the duration of its life to user companies
v)they help to revive(care) sick industrial units. It negotiates with different agencies like banks,, term lending institution, and boards for industrial and financial reconstruction

A quotation is a business document usually
prepared from the seller
to a buyer. When the seller received an
inquiry letter from the
prospective buyer, the seller will issue a quotation which will state
the price list, terms of trade, discount (if
any) e.t.c
An invoice is a document sent by the
seller to the buyer which
provides the summary of the business
transaction between them.
A receipt is an acknowledgement of payment made by the buyer, either
part or full payment. It is issued by the
seller to
the buyer when ever payment is made.
i)It is issued when the seller politely
refuse the buyer credit when it is asked for.
ii)It serves as a reply to a letter of
enquiry because it shows the
prices of goods.
iii)It is sent when a quotation is asked
from by the customer
iv)It can be used as a basis for the
calculation of duty by the customs authority


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