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Car Racing License and Application Guide

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Car Racing License and Application Guide.

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Car Racing License and Application Guide… Michael Schumacher is the richest car racer in the world and guess how much his net worth is? He is Worth: $780m. if anything about this career don’t inspire you, this alone should and plus you  will have the fame  and popularity  but that’s not the most important, the most important thing is that you get become what  you’ve always dreamt of, that’s all that’s matters. Okay let’s get down to business and get you become that star you want to be.

Car Racing License and Application Guide

Car Racing License and Application Guide

Maybe you good with driving like Paul walker in the fast and furious or you’ve attained some height in racing probably gone to a racing school or anything like that and you don’t know what next step to take, don’t worry I will be giving you a breakdown on all of that, how to get your car racing license and the application guidelines.

First of all, embarking on your journey as a car racer won’t be near possible without a license, yeah as simple as that sounds but a license can deprive of competing in any racing competition, you gotta first of all get a car racing license.

Type of Racing License

Speed and Non Speed (Formerly L2S and L2NS)

Speed and Non Speed are the elementary club level motor sport licenses. As their names depict , the licenses differ based on the form  of the event.

A Non Speed license enables the competitor to compete in competition such as perceived section trials, touring assemblies, non-timed road events, motor khanas and khana cross, up to an Global level.

A full Speed license enables the holder to contest in L2NS events with  regularity trials up to National Championship level, single and multi-car speed events (not racing) up to Global level, drifting events and touring road competitions  that do not run over closed road sections.

These are the utmost most populous licenses among the CAMS member base and are used widely at grassroots club events.

Clubman and National Licenses

The Clubman and National Licenses are used in competitive motor sport events and are made for use at more severe state and national meetings.

A Clubman license permits competitors to partake in events up to and plus state series level racing, while a National level license grants involvement  up to and including National Series events.

CAMS give a variety of discipline specific licenses that can be used at a state or national level.

The key disciplines are:

  • Race
  • Rally
  • Off Road
  • Super Kart
  • Historic

Both license types have its own excellent training and medical requirements as comprehensive on the specified Clubman/National License Submission Form. Been in possession a license at clubman or national level in one discipline does not permit you competing in another discipline.

International Level Licenses

An International License permits participation in events on the FIA International Sporting Timetable. In agreement with FIA policy, these licenses expire on the 31st of December every year.


International Licenses are fundamentally an extension of those given at the Clubman/National level, however there are additional medical and maintenance requirements involved in getting and holding the license.

Competitor (Entrant) Licenses

These licenses are for people who own competition vehicles   and are not the holders of a driver or navigator license.

Competitor licenses may be given to:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Teams

Why you need it

Motorsport well-being has become important and necessary in recent times, but it’s not possible to escape its intrinsic dangers. Just as a driving license considers you fit to safely drive the public highway, a racing license functions as same purpose in relation to the track. It should impart drivers with the model skills and familiarity to negotiate a circuit’s static and dynamic obstacles in a controlled and conscious manner. As you engage in the track regular you may let go the benefits of such a test, but wheel-to-wheel racing is completely not the same to the passing etiquette of track days.

How to get One

Obtaining non-examination licenses is easy. Go  to the MSA website and fill in a standard Competition License Application Form and you should be contacted  within 15 working days for a cost you can pick for express processing which will last for 3 days

Supposing you’ve done some investigation into the series or championship you want to race in and been on a track a few times to acquaint yourself with circuit driving, the first thing you need to buy MSA ‘Go Racing’ starter pack.  Added is the Novice application form, a specimen license, the MSA yearbook and don’t forget to buy a video game on racing. After you’ve got the starter pack, begin your training

Valuation for Race National B is explained in two elements, written exam and practical exam – they include the ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) test. The prior will review your familiarity of the 20-odd page section, precise guidelines for circuit racing section of the MSA yearbook. Luckily, all that information is reduced into a much more absorbable video supplied in your starter pack, just use the Blue Book to confirm and go through your knowledge. The latter sees you out on track with an ARDS coach evaluating your circuit driving skill.

To pass your ARDS you will need a medical check up to guarantee there’s nothing enormously wrong with you that might g dangerous to you or others on track. The physical examination can be done outside the track on the day of your test. You should visit your doctor for check up on Eyesight, blood pressure and your heart.

As soon as you’re up to speed with the guidelines and the several flags you can book avenue and start test. ARDS presently lists nine accepted schools that can give Race National B licenses. They are as follows:  Silverstone, Rockingham Motor Speedway and Anglesey. The test comprises 28 questions divided into three topics: fourteen on flag identification, 6 on safety and 8, covers general racing info. To be able to pass, the flags and safety sections need a 100 per cent score, with the last section permitting for two improper answers.

When you’re done with classroom examination you will go out on track for 20 minutes’ worth of incessant laps. It differs from school to school but most will give a car and a safety gear. You should be given a latter few days later if you’ve passed the test.

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