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Secureworks Hiring Process 2019 and Career Guide Requirements

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Secureworks Hiring Process 2019 and Career Guide Requirements.

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Secureworks Hiring Process 2019… Secure-works Inc. is a United States-based subordinate that provides information security services, guarding its customers’ computers, networks and information assets from mischievous activity such as cybercrime.

Secureworks Hiring Process 2019

Secureworks Hiring Process 2019

It is still majority-owned by Dell.Secure-works was founded as a privately held company in the year 1998 by Michael Pearson and Joan Wilbanks. In the year 2002, Michael R. Cotebecame President and CEO. In the year 2005, and again in 2006, the company was named to the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 lists (2005,2006) and Deloitte’s Fast 500.

They learn from each other, from their unique research and experiences, and from their valued partnerships with clients. These experiences create an ever-evolving network of specializedcyber security intelligence, tools, and resources that benefit all of their clients and partners.

In this article, we will be focusing on Secure-works hiring process and their career guide requirement.

Jobs at Secure-works Include

  • Client service manager
  • facilities associate
  • security innovator
  • secure works vulnerability manager
  • penetration testing delivery manager


  • Requires ability to deal with ambiguity, project management skills, ability to motivate, and develop teams and individuals.
  • Good negotiation skills when interacting with internal organization and 3rd parties.
  • Demonstrated experience leading remote teams with a track record of delivering high quality small to medium accounts.
  • Experienced organizing and planning skills to effectively manage a team.
  • BS in Computer Science, related technical field, or equivalent experience.
  • 2-5 years of relevant software development experience, including work on building large-scale systems.

Hiring Process

1. Identify the Need for the Position

The first stage in any hiring process is to determine the need for a new or replacement position in the company. The hiring decision must also balance with the needs of the rest of the body for employees. The priority for an employee has to fit into the successful execution of the company’s business plan. It’s important to keep employees up-to-date or involved at each step of the staffing decision process.

2. Plan Your Recruitment for the Job

The second step in the hiring process is to plan employee recruitment. Planning identifies the job description or specification for the position so you know the skills and experience you are looking for. It also addresses how the position is published, who will review applications, and who will participate in first and second interviews.


The employer also decides who will participate in the selection of the employee for the job and who will provide input. This is a key step in a successful worker hiring process. It’s also a key step with the workers who comprise the interview team. You need to be clear about how their input will be used by the hiring manager and also the Human Resources.

3. Publicize the Availability of the Open Position

An essential step in the posting process is to notify current employees of the opening. If they are no qualified internal candidates, the position is posted externally. Some local jobs rely on local newspaper classifieds. Most jobs will require an online campaign by posting the job on job sites and also on social media.

4. Application Review

Once the position has been advertised effectively, a large pool of applicants is collected. HR can take the lead on résumé and give the qualified applicants to the hiring manager. In some companies, the hiring managers may want to see all of the applications, especially for technical, scientific, engineering, and development positions.

The applications are reviewed and the qualified applicants receive a phone interview. The main purpose of the screening is to save staff time and energy by eliminating candidates.

5. Interview the Most Qualified Prospective Employees

Application review and phone interview process are done to narrow down the field of candidates to the most qualified. Second interviews are planned and scheduled with the most qualified prospects as determined by the first interview. Background and references for these candidates are checked during second interviews.

6. Check References and Perform Background Checks

In this step background and references for each candidate is checked. All claims by the candidate including educational credentials, employment history, and criminal background are checked.

7. Select the Most Qualified Person for the Job

When the employers have reached a positive decision on a candidate, following the interviews and background checks, compensation that will be offered to the sleeted candidate will be determined. These are the seven most critical factors the company considers before they make the job offer is made.

8. Make the Job Offer and Notify Your Unsuccessful Candidates

When the first eight steps have been considered, a job offer is made. If reference checks are incomplete, offers are made contingent on the background and reference checks. Candidates who participated in the interview but were not selected will be notified.

9. Details of Salary and Start Date are Negotiated

The higher the level of the job in an organization, the more likely the candidate is to negotiate compensation, paid time off, guaranteed severance pay if the relationship fails to work out business equipment, time working remotely and more. These individuals have the most potential to lose if they are leaving a current job and the employment connection doesn’t work out with the company.

10. New employees are welcomed

How employees are welcomed lays the groundwork for whether the employee will be retained in the future. They build a good relationship with the employee till the time he or she accepts the job offer, and beyond.

Since its establishment in 1999, Secure-works has focused on excellent security services for clients around the world. Secure-works entered the Japan market in 2013 and has enjoyed dramatic growth that continues today. Those willing to be part of this company will have no regret.

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