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Top 10 Jobs in USA that pays 50USD per Hour Without a Degree

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Top 10 Jobs in USA that pay 50USD an Hour Without a Degree.

10 Jobs in USA that pay 50USD an Hour… This seems incredible, right? You better believe it because there are jobs which you can be paid USD $50 an hour, and what’s more? Without a degree! Below are the top 10 jobs that pay USD $50 an hour without a degree.

Jobs in USA that pay 50USD an Hour

Top 10 Jobs in USA that pay 50USD an Hour Without a Degree


1. Construction foreman/superintendent

What they do: These professionals administer residential and industrial construction sites. They manage construction employees and coordinate project timelines and budgets.

Education: On-the-job experience; academic degree most popular, however not necessary

Average hourly earnings: $50.14


2. Skilled Mortician

What they do: ceremonial administrators build plans for church services, wakes and burials. The embalming portion of the work title involves improvement and sanitizing the body, and getting ready it for burial.

Education: Licensing, biennial education program and situation needed

Average hourly earnings: $52.47

3. Financial services officer

What they do:  Financial services officer direct disbursement of student scholarships, loans and grants, with the goal of creating college cheaper for college students.

Education: academic degree sometimes needed.

Average hourly earnings: $51,203

4. Adult day care director

What they do: Adult day care administrators manage daily operations of the ability. Responsibilities might embrace overseeing workers and budgets, developing relationships with attendees and their families and coming up with activities.

Education: highschool certification required; academic degree most popular.

Average hourly earnings: $50.64

5. General and operations managers

What they do: General managers square measure answerable for the general operation of venues like amusements parks, restaurants and hotels. They administer things like workers, guest relations, budgets, selling and buying.

Education: highschool diploma; academic degree most popular.

Average hourly earnings: $53.15

6. Co-pilot

What they do: A co-pilot is one a part of the two-part team that produces up the aeroplane cockpit crew. In-flight duties square measure sometimes shared between the versed pilot, conjointly known as the captain, and therefore the less full-fledged co-pilot, conjointly stated because the 1st officer. 

You don’t would like a degree to fly craft for functions like aerial firefighting, search and rescue, aerial photography, or charter flights. Instead, you only ought to bear the right flight coaching to earn an advertisement pilot’s license, instrument rating, and any specialty certifications which may be needed by employers or the federal agency (Federal Aviation Administration) certainly forms of work.

Education: High school certification, pilot’s license.

Average hourly earnings: $52.45

7. Salesman

For those with the correct skills, sales are often a financially satisfying job while not the necessity for a school degree. a salesman may work on a commission structure, or base + commission. In either case, what quantity you finish up creating depends on however well you sell, whether or not you’re marketing cars, furniture, assets, prescribed drugs, Mastercard processors or high-end garments. Reckoning on what you are doing, you’ll ought to complete a certification or become licenced. People person with the correct abilities will build six figures a year. however it always needs an oversized quantity of hustle.


8. Software programmer

Although several programmers have school degrees, it is not uncommon for folks to begin succeeding during this field once taking shorter courses or programs. That is as a result of what employers usually care concerning the foremost square measure the talents you’ll be able to demonstrate in specific programming languages. And heaps of programmers work on a contract basis and obtain to settle on their own purchasers, rates of pay, and comes to figure on.

With correct coaching and follow, you’ll be able to pursue opportunities that involve writing and testing code for laptop software package, networked systems, non-computer physics, mobile apps, or video games. and therefore the growing would like for brand new and updated laptop applications means your services may keep in sturdy demand for many years to come back. 

That’s what makes programing courses therefore valuable. they supply a structured thanks to learn writing skills for necessary and exciting industries. Therefore take a more in-depth cross-check the colleges giving on-campus or on-line programs for college students in your space. simply sort your postal code into the program finder below to check a bespoke list of options!

  • Top earning potential—$132,530 annually or $63.7 per hour for 40 hours a week

9. Detective or Criminal Investigator

Investigating crimes through observation, proof assortment, witness interviews, and different procedures does not generally need a degree. In most cases, the coaching to become a criminal investigator happens at an academy. However finishing some college-level courses in criminal justice or enforcement before applying to a academy will assist you stand out from different candidates.

After all, the sphere of crime scene investigation (CSI) keeps obtaining a lot of valuable as technology and scientific breakthroughs increase the responsibility of rhetorical testing. Plus, learning a way to become a criminal investigator sometimes involves developing a broader and deeper data of the legal and criminal justice system, that is important for following a number of today’s best opportunities. you would possibly even get the possibility to pursue jobs in police departments, company security companies, or federal enforcement agencies.

  • Top earning potential—$135,530 or $65.15 per hour for 40 hours a week

10. Web-App Developer or Designer

For professionals that build or modify websites, the simplest self-promotion tools for locating high-paying purchasers or employers tend to be sturdy portfolios and smart references supported past work. however albeit a degree is not necessary for earning heaps during this field, having a minimum of some formal coaching in internet style and development will usually assist you attain smart pay a lot of quickly. 

Web development training centers—including people who provide internet development programs—specialize in serving to technology aficionados such as you inure extraordinarily helpful careers. 

Just consider what your future might shortly entail: Finding solutions that build websites a lot of easy. Developing responsive layouts for the quickly growing mobile audience. making extremely useful apps that connect everyone, everyone, or facilitate everyone make the most of a lot of timely and effective services. 

The possibilities square measure much endless once you have got the correct tools. that is why these faculties provide what they are doing. they’re all concerning supplying you with the possibility to completely have interaction within the Web—as a talented creator.

  • Top earning potential—$122,320 or  $58.80 per hour for 40 hours a week

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